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What is this, clothed in the dust of the universe
dancing joyously to the rhythms of birth, death and all that lies between?

Drumming for Dance

Come celebrate your body's innate connection to drumming

Spirit Labs are live music dance gatherings that are based on a "wave" style structure. The events are located in dance studio spaces and provide flowing, percussion-based soundscapes for dancers to explore in. Like the dancing, the music is completely improvised, creating a shared creative and inspiring experience for everyone. 

Medicine Dance provides the opportunity for you to deeply explore intimate connections with both yourself and spirit through movement.   These are safe places to do your healing work.

Medicine Drumming

For centuries drumming has been used for healing and spiritual deepening practices. Jason Traweek continues the shamanic journey tradition by offering medicine drumming and sounds (shakers, bowls, bells) for deep relaxation, internal exploration and healing. See this video for more information about the “journey”.  Jason leads regular journey circles and also offers journey drumming and sound baths for workshops, private events, and personal sessions. 


See the calendar for currently scheduled events, or contact Jason to schedule your own private session.

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About jason


Jason Traweek (White Crow) is a talented multi-instrumentalist with a strong emphasis on world percussion. With 30 years of experience in a diverse spectrum of musical styles, his rhythmic influences include Latin, African and middle-eastern style drumming. As the musical director of Spirit Lab, Jason is often joined by talented guest musicians who come together to create inspiring landscapes of sound for both dance and meditation.

For almost as long as he has explored music, Jason has also explored a wide scope of spiritual practices and ceremonies. Both shamanic and Buddhism based practices are an integral part of both his daily life and the events that he hosts. With training in the Hakomi method of therapy, Jason has a heart-centered approach to leading groups in spiritual and emotional exploration. For rooms full of dancers or for intimate healing sessions, Jason always creates and holds space with loving presence and integrity.