Shamanic Journey Focus Groups

It feels like a blessing that the sound / drumming meditations have been well attended and resulting in wonderfully positive feedback. Even better, I have had some folks express the desire to connect more deeply to the journey practice - to understand it and be able to "do it right", so to speak. I have to confess that it hasn't been easy for me to host these meditations without spending substantially more time with participants who either have little experience working with spirit guides or who would like to know more about their personal experiences. I would very much like to do more!

As a result, I'm starting up the smaller Shamanic Journey Focus Groups. The intention is to create a space for a small group of individuals to meet for a guided journey together and delve deeper into the many ways that we can make this practice work for us. How do we find our spirit guides? What if you are not seeing things? How do we make sense of what we experienced? Come with your inquiries and share your experiences in a safe, intimate setting. I am so excited for this! I have had profound, life-changing experiences with this work and I believe that you can too.

Please check the website calendar and Facebook announcements (I will not create events for these)  for the sessions that will fall on the first Sundays of the month. I hope to see you there.